Our Hotel Mattress Makes the Difference

Having a luxurious, comfortable hotel mattress in your hotel room has a significant impact on your guests. Many of your guests are travelling business professionals or families. This means that on a day to day basis, they are moving around and are many times on their feet for hours on end.

After a long day of standing on one’s feet at a conference, traveling, or rushing around to various meetings, the quality of sleep the guests receive in your hotel room can make or ruin their entire trip. This is why we developed the Sterling Sleep Hospitality line for hotel owners exclusively – so they can offer the most comfortable hotel beds. If you are looking for a great hotel mattress for sale, you have come to the right place.

hotel mattresses for saleThe quality of sleep guests get in your hotels needs to be perfect. Your guests should feel like they are floating on a cloud. They should not wake up in the morning with severe back pain from worn out mattresses and springs up against their back. Your mattress in this case is your best friend in providing sleep comfort. Our Sterling Sleep Systems mattresses use CertiPur domestic foam, soft pillow top covers and Leggett and Platt premium quality encased coils. Our mattresses are modular and the cover can be zipped open, and parts within can be taken out and replaced if worn.

A Luxury Hotel Mattress that can be Cleaned and Made Like New

Cleaning a standard hotel mattress can be a nightmare! It requires treating it and steaming it, and that steaming alone can wear out a mattress. Not the Sterling Sleep Systems mattress! Our mattress can be cleaned inside and out. We take out the possibility of getting a bed bug infestation out of the equation completely. Simply sprinkle some food-grade Diatomaceous Earth in the inside of your bed if you see any bed bugs. This will dry up them up then vacuum them. Because our hotel beds come with replaceable parts, we can replace any worn parts as well.

Guests Need Comfort

Often the quality of sleep your guests get depends on how comfortable your pillows and bed are.  If they are on a business trip and find themselves taking the cushions off the couch to sleep on them on top of the bed, that will probably be the last time they sleep at your hotel chain. This is why your hotel needs our Sterling Sleep Systems Hospitality mattresses. Our hotel mattress will provide your guests with the comfort they desire.

Our Hotel Mattress is Environmentally Friendly

Not only are our hotel mattresses comfortable, last longer and thus save hotel owners money, all of our hotel mattresses are environmentally friendly. Our hotel mattress is worth 2 LEED Points which means it was approved by the Green commission in the United States that regulates eco-friendly items. Our removable replaceable parts, and the fact that our mattresses stay out of the landfills are the exact reason we are awarded these LEED Points. If your hotel is a green hotel and you strive to be environmentally friendly, our hotel mattresses are perfect for you.

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