Guest Bed Purchases

We pay your property $200 for each guest referral resulting in the purchase of a bed

Once you have Sterling Mattresses your property is automatically enrolled in our Guest Referral Program. There is no cost to you and no selling required by your staff. We handle everything, all you do is cash the check when a sale is made. We provide referral cards to place in your guest rooms with website information and instructions and your property’s unique discount code. This code gives the buyer their 35% discount and tells us where the referral originated.

You win twice when you purchase our high quality mattresses because Exceptionally Comfortable Beds are the key to Customer Loyalty as well as for Guest bed purchases.

Many people search online for “where to buy hotel mattresses”. Give your that option by allowing them to buy a hotel mattress through our referral program.

Here is how it works

Guests place orders online using your property’s unique discount code & receive a 35% discount from suggested retail price. Your property is paid a $200 referral fee for each mattress sold. Place one of our provided tent cards in each hotel room and let us handle the rest! Purchases can be made securely online at or by phone at (888) 281-2817.

Prices include delivery to their home in most major cities nationwide. Referral fee checks are made out to your property and sent on a monthly basis. Please contact us for additional details or if you have any questions about this rewarding program.