Our Eco-friendly mattress is Worth 2 LEED Points

At Sterling Sleep Hospitality, we create nothing but the best for our hotel owners, operators and the guests; but we also create eco-friendly mattresses for the benefit of our planet. It is a known fact that many people are starting to become concerned with how the products they buy affect the environment. This is why many bedrooms all over the U.S. and the world are becoming more ‘green.’

eco-friendly-mattress-Sterlng-Sleep-HospitalityLet’s Talk about Organic Versus Green

Organic mattresses are made with organic cotton and they may feel nice; but these mattresses are not really ‘green’ in the eco-friendly sense. The reason is simple. Organic mattresses still affect the environment adversely. It won’t matter if a mattress is organic if it ends in a landfill. Our Sterling mattresses use CertiPure foam made in America, and our entire mattress is fabricated here in the USA. This means we have all the parts, hence our mattresses are sustainable, have interchangeable, washable, and replaceable parts, and it also means we have truly eco-friendly mattresses, because they last.

Eco-Friendly Mattresses Stay out of Landfills

Our Sterling Sleep Systems mattresses can be repaired, reused, and parts can be replaced which means that they stay out of the landfills. No carbon footprints here! We are Green all the way! Being environmentally friendly is the Sterling way. We love our planet, and we love our mattresses and we intend on producing quality eco-friendly mattresses for many hotels so that hotel operators can save money, and save the environment one bed at a time.

Traditional beds are created with a wide range of glues and chemicals which are bad for both the environment and your health. Much of the synthetic foam used in beds that is used is not domestic made foam; and you can only imagine what chemicals are in them which get released when the beds hit the landfills. The chemicals and glues in non-domestic made mattresses can leech contaminants into your home as well, and some have been linked with side effects ranging from allergies and respiratory discomfort to endocrine disruption and cancer.

What Is Considered an Eco-Friendly Mattress

While there is no specific definition of eco-friendly, most of us understand this to mean the product does not harm the environment or minimizes impact relative to an alternative product. When referring to an eco-friendly mattress, most look for these traits:

·         Zero-Emissions Manufacturing

·         No VOCs

·         Natural and Organic Materials

·         Made of Renewable Resources

·         Efficient Shipping Methods

·         Durable to Reduce Waste

But what Green hotel owners may overlook is the fact that no matter what materials the mattress is made out of, if the mattresses are not durable, or have irreplaceable parts, you can bet it will be more costly in the long run to have. Our Sterling Sleep luxury mattresses made with Leggett and Platt coils are not only eco-friendly, they are great for your pocketbook. Imagine your cost savings if you can replace just the worn and soiled parts of your hotel beds. Your guests will be able to sleep on new beds every time they stay at your hotel, and you can be sure they will rave about our comfort. Hotel owners, if you want a truly Green mattress, contact us for a Sterling mattress demonstration today.