Our Luxury Hotel Mattress is Sure to Please Your Guests

Our Sterling Sleep Systems luxury hotel mattress is sure to provide your guests with a perfect night’s sleep. We offer 3,4,5, star hospitality and 4,5,6, diamond luxurious beds which look and feel amazing. If your hotel is a green hotel, we want you to know that what we offer are eco-friendly mattresses. Upscale hotels deserve an upscale mattress, that is where our Sterling luxury mattresses come in. Our mattresses all contain sustainable interchangeable parts that can be removed, washed, and replaced. This makes our luxury hotel mattresses last. And this saves hotel owners money!

luxury-hotel-quality-mattress5 Star Hotels Dress Up Beds, We Dress Up Comfort

Upscale hotels want to provide guests with the perfect night’s sleep and they do this by creating five-star luxurious beds which feel and look wonderful. One way that many of the five-star hotels create luxury bedding is by layering from the bottom to top with fluffy soft covers, super-soft and crisp looking cotton linens, and plenty of plush pillows. Luxury hotel bedding generally includes a bed skirt, feather or foam mattress topper, a mattress pad, a flat and fitted sheet, a one down blanket, a duvet with an ultra-plush poly insert, feather and down pillows, hypo-allergenic pillows, and a boudoir pillow. But imagine all that on an uncomfortable mattress that has been flipped over one too many times. This will never happen with a Sterling. Why? Because Sterling mattresses have interchangeable parts. Your guests as a result will have a wonderful experience sleeping or laying on their Sterling bed, because it feels like new every time.

5 star hotel mattresses at a great price!

Sterling Luxury Mattresses Have Layers of Comfort

When you purchase a Sterling for your hotels, you are getting the very best in comfort. Aside from having three nice layers of cool memory foam and plush pillow top covers, our beds also have a Quantum Edge steel support, antibacterial fabric protection, fabric encased coils, sustainable design and a 10 year warranty. Of course, unlike the other mattresses on the market, we offer the option to replace worn or soiled parts so your mattress can last much longer.

Our Luxury Hotel Mattresses are Ideal for Your Hotel

When guests stay at a luxury hotel, they expect the best hotel quality mattress. We at Sterling Sleep Hospitality know that our luxury hotel mattresses are ideal for your hotel. If you have a green hotel our mattresses are worth 2 LEED Points, because they are good for the environment. If your main aim is to save money, we can help you there too. Our beds last, because of our option of offering removeable, replaceable and washable parts. If the pillow top gets worn, simply zip it off and purchase a new one. If a guest spills wine and it seeps into the parts, simply zip off the top and take out the part to clean or replace. Our technology in our beds is like no other, and even our memory foam we use has a cool technology that offers guests the ultimate comfort. Not only do we offer comfort that lasts, we also offer bulk discounts to hotels. If you have any questions, please contact us today!
For hotel owners, only the best, only a Sterling.