Award winning design provides increased performance and sustainability while reducing lifecycle cost of up to 50%.
  • + #3. A high quality mattress confirms to guests that you care about their comfort.

    – Increase guest satisfaction and repeat business with the level of quality that is just right for your property.

    – Tailor beds for variable rates or upgrades with interchangeable top covers.

  • + #2. Reduce maintenance costs and downtime to maximize room capacity.

    – All mattress components are interchangeable for easy in-room assembly/disassembly.

    – Beds come completely apart for proper cleaning inside and out so accidents or bed bugs can be easily dealt with by housekeeping, making rooms available faster and lowering maintenance costs.

    – Replaceable components extend mattress service life well beyond the normal replacement or renovation cycle.

  • + #1. Save money, reduce your carbon footprint and help to save our environment.

    – Winner of the 14th Annual Product Design Award for use of recycled content and waste reduction.

    – Using this innovative mattress can gain you 2 LEED points. One for its 95% recycled steel pocketed coils and a second for modular design with replaceable wear components.

    – Environmental experts agree: “Hotels have an opportunity to make a significant environmental contribution through waste prevention simply by switching to modular mattress designs.”

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Sterling sustainable modular mattress design allows for simple, interchangeable component replacement or comfort adjustments in-room, resulting in reduced lifetime cost of ownership by up to 50%.

Imperial 600 Series

Sterling Hospitality® Imperial 600 Series: Zip on your choice of Plush, Pillow, or Euro Tops

IIDA/HD Award winning sustainable mattress design more than doubles the comfortable service life of your beds.

The ability to replace just the damaged parts means you will reduce your cost of ownership by up to 50% while greatly reducing solid waste.

Beds can be kept in top condition by replacing parts as needed in high-use rooms so all beds on property are cost effectively maintained at one high standard.

Purchase replacement parts for a fraction of the cost of an entire bed. Order parts by phone or securely online that ship in two business days by UPS.

Unlike any other bed on the market, all parts are interchangeable and upholstered components are available individually including: sidewall assemblies, foam overlays and your choice of mattress top panels in Plush, Pillow, or Euro Top styles.


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U.S. Patent No.7,191,483 • U.S. Patent No.7,386,903 • patents pending • Sterling Mattresses meet Federal Fire Retardancy Codes 1632 & CFR 1633