Sterling Hospitality is a Best Western Endorsed Supplier.

We have a number of approved beds for the various Best Western Brands.

Our IIDA/HD Award-Winning Sustainable hotel bed design will save you money, is eco-friendly, and our super comfortable beds will keep your guests coming back. Our beds offer the best in mattress hygiene because they come completely apart for proper cleaning inside and out. Try the best hotel beds in the industry today! Made in America!

View the list of beds below to see which ones are approved for the following brands:

Best Western Approved Beds

hospitality 321 plush top 326 pillow top

BW 321 Plush Top
BW 326 Pillow Top

hospitality 521 plush top 526 pillow top

BW 521 Plush Top
BW 526 Pillow Top

hospitality 551 plush top 556 pillow top

BW 551 Plush Top
BW 556 Pillow Top
(BW Premier pillow top only)

imperial 606 616

BW 606 Plush Top
BW 616 Pillow Top
(BW Premier pillow top only)

BW 621 Plush Top
BW 626 Pillow Top
(BW Premier pillow top only)

imperial 651 plush top 656 pillow top

BW 651 Plush Top
BW 656 Pillow Top
(BW Premier pillow top only)

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