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Best green hotels

Top Green Hotels in California

Where to Find the Best Eco-friendly Hotels in CA

Sustainable hotels are on the rise in the great state of California. Patronizing green establishments is a great way for consumers to show their support for the environment. Discover why these hotels are considered the best in the state when it comes to protecting our precious natural resources.

1. h2Hotel (

Healdsburg, CA

LEED Gold Certified, h2Hotel is known for using sustainable sources of electricity and treating the environment with nothing but respect. The roof comes with a rainwater filtration system and uses solar panels to heat the water in the pool.Located in the heart of Northern Sonoma Wine Country, the hotel was actually built on top of what used to be a gas station. H2Hotel managed to remove all of the contaminated soil to protect the neighboring Fossil Creek.

2. The Ambrose (


Santa Monica, CA

With a dozen awards and LEED certifications to their name, The Ambrose is redefining what it means to be a luxury hotel. Guests are treated to high-quality reusable and recyclable materials. All of the hotel’s food comes from local organic farms and sustainable coops. A leader in energy conservation, The Ambrose reduces electricity waste by automatically turning off lights and appliances when guests aren’t in the room. Every detail of this immersive retreat was designed with the environment in mind.

3. Elan Hotel (


Los Angeles, CA

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Elan Hotel is leading the charge for sustainable hospitality. The building was designed to optimize energy efficiency.Every room is stocked with eco-friendly hair and beauty products. The hotel is also a proud member of the California Green Lodging Association, a local network of sustainable hotels that supports ecological consciousness in the hotel industry. Just steps away from all of LA’s biggest attractions, guests are encouraged to walk to their destination. It’s one of the only certified green hotels in the downtown area.

4. Bardessono (


Napa Valley, CA

Using the most advanced green technology in the hospitality industry, Bardessono has created a green living community unlike any other. An underground geothermal system covertly moves hot and cold air from room to room using minimal electricity. Almost all of the hotel’s power comes from onsite sustainable resources, specifically 940 rooftop solar panels! Smart sensors reduce electricity consumption when guests are out and about. The hotel’s restaurant and spa use products from local sustainable producers. Interesting to note, most of what makes the hotel qualify for LEED status is not visible to the average guest. You just have to know where to look.

5. Shore Hotel (

Santa Monica, CA

Another gold standard for energy efficiency, Shore Hotel built green initiatives into every aspect of its interior. All of the rooms feature automatic temperature and lighting controls that change based on room occupancy using a radio frequency identification system. The hotel comes fully equipped with a solar heated swimming pool, a Mexican restaurant with sustainable ingredients, and an elevator pulley system that saves up to 75% more energy than traditional elevators. Now that’s progress.