Hospitality Mattress Program... Beds Matter.

How do you save money, improve your guest experience and be more environmentally-friendly with one simple choice?

Easy -- Choose a Sterling

Memory Foam Mattress

and replace parts instead of complete beds!

Sterling Sleep Systems has developed the perfect solution to meet your hospitality needs. Our modular mattresses incorporate the most advanced technology and design to give your guests a wonderful night's sleep while our replaceable component system makes it easy to maintain mattress hygiene and integrity.

Let us furnish your rooms with one of its most important features in a quality guest experience. An amazing bed.

Unparalleled comfort, support and quality for high customer satisfaction
Save money by replacing soiled or damaged pieces rather than the entire mattress
Mattresses come completely apart for thorough cleaning
Interchangeable, detachable components are easy to move and easy to store. Source Reduction Practices make a positive environmental impact
Replacing components rather than entire mattresses reduces long-term bed costs

The Sterling Advantage-Selecting our component-based sleep systems save you time and money.

With our sleep system, there is no need for the costly expense of complete mattress replacement. When mattress sections become soiled or damaged, simply replace the unusable mattress segment with a replacement component. Easy-to-replace parts require less storage space than a full size mattress and may be moved easily by just one person. Components may be stored on-property for easy access and added convenience. Our advanced zipper system makes it effortless to change out damaged bed sections, saving you labor and room downtime.

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As the leader in component-based mattress systems, our beds are designed to provide you with the most flexible options in bed technology today. Individual interchangeable components allow you to upgrade existing beds. When it is time to upgrade the sleep experience, simply add bed components, like firm Latex or plush Memory Foam overlays. In this way you can convert a classic level mattress to a more luxurious level without the expense of purchasing a completely new bed - nothing is wasted!

Special Attention for Special Guests

Creating a unique experience for your most important guests is as easy as 1-2-3 with our modular sleep system components. Adapt bed firmness and comfort to suit even the most particular consumer. The interchangeable comfort layers of the Sterling Sleep System allow you to customize any mattress to your guest's preferences, adding yet another important aspect to your guest loyalty program.

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Sterling Sleep Systems has extensive experience manufacturing special size mattresses. Made exclusively with hotel requirements and guest comfort in mind, we will tailor our sleep product to meet your specific guestroom requirements.

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Team up with Sterling Sleep Systems for a greener environment by becoming an EPA WasteWise Partner.

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Sterling Sleep Systems is the mattress of choice for fine lodging accommodations throughout the world. The Sterling Imperial mattress is used by the Hotel Bel Air, Beverly Hills, ranked #1 for customer satisfaction in the U.S. in 2006.

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