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Redefining the way you look at mattresses.

We approach our environmental stewardship with a sense of duty and pride and recognize the necessity to take a proactive stance in saving money, time and resources.

Through over 20 years of innovation, Sterling Sleep Systems has become the leading expert in component-based beds. Our philosophy is based on crafting hospitality mattresses with 3 distinct criteria in mind – increased client value, superior product hygiene and reduced environmental impact. We have pioneered and hold patents on an original replaceable component mattress system of outstanding comfort and quality that merges these important concepts.

Getting Greener

Our component-based mattress design features interchangeable parts to allow replacement of soiled, worn or damaged sections. When you are able to correct a mattress problem with parts rather than an entire mattress, you reduce solid waste and extend the mattress service life. The EPA WasteWise Partnership considers the reduction of solid waste an environmentally-friendly business practice.

EPA WasteWise Partnership-Recognized

Become an EPA WasteWise Partner today.

Contact us to receive a personal invitation from the EPA to become a WasteWise Partner or Click Here to learn more about program membership benefits.

Read the letter to Sterling Sleep Systems
from the Environmental Protection Agency

600 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1460
Los Angeles, CA 90017
September 19, 2007

Hotel Bel Air
Mr. Ed T. Anonas, Director of Finance and Operations
701 Stone Canyon Road
Los Angeles, California 90077

Dear Mr. Anonas,

The U.S. EPA invites you to complement your mattress purchase by enrolling in the EPA’s premier recognition partnership WasteWise ( WasteWise is a free, voluntary EPA program through which organizations eliminate costly municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes, benefiting their bottom line and the environment.

I know about traditional mattress systems used by the hotel industry. I am also familiar with Sterling’s modular mattress designs that you're starting to use at the Hotel Bel Air. There is an opportunity for Hotel Bel Air to make a significant environmental impact, while saving money.

The EPA has taken an interest because modular mattress systems with replaceable parts significantly reduce the number of mattresses sent to landfill. Discarded mattresses are no longer donated to worthy causes because of liability concerns. So, for the most part, old mattresses go to the dump.

The amount of waste generated by the hospitality industry in the form of discarded mattresses is considerable, and warrants examination. Hotels have an opportunity to make a significant environmental contribution through waste prevention simply by switching to modular mattress designs, such as those made by Sterling Sleep Systems*, with little or no increase in cost. In fact, the change to modular mattress designs lowers maintenance expenses and extends mattress service life. The Hotel Bel Air would surely benefit from saving money, improving housekeeping maintenance, reducing waste, and earning recognition as a WasteWise Partner.

Companies that choose to enroll as EPA WasteWise Partners report on their annual waste saved, and receive formal public recognition for their efforts. In cases where there have been outstanding contributions made, the EPA gives national awards.

As an industry leader, Hotel Bel Air enjoys a special ability to change how things are done in the hotel industry. I encourage you to use your influence for a very good cause.

Please contact me to answer questions about the EPA WasteWise program. I am available to meet with you to discuss enrolling the Hotel Bel Air as a WasteWise Partner.

Thank you for your time,

André Villaseñor

cc: Tony Hochschild, Sterling Sleep Systems

* Please note that the mention of any company, product, or process in this letter does not constitute or imply U.S. EPA endorsement.

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